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 OMG!! How is everyone doing?? It has been so long.  I am finally able to get on LJ. So much has happened with me since my last post. First of all I appreciate all the kind words, and support. So my mother wrote me and my sisters letters. She really layed alot of guilt on me, my counselor read the first page of my letter and told me exactly what she thought. 
My sister told me that my husband made her uncomfortable one night when I was at home asleep! And dealing with my gma's alzheimers is getting harder and harder. 
My counselors last day to see me was today, cuz she quit her job. She told me that she has watched my health deteriorate the past month and that if I dont see her colleague they could call the police to have me put in the hospital. I am not underweight, but the resricting is making me look a little pale and dark circles under my eyes. I dont wear makeup except eyeliner and mascara, so I really dont know how to make me look better. AND my mother in law talked to me today. It was actually a good talk. I thought she hated me, but she doesnt. It was really nice to spend time with her, and just be myself. 
So...about the food...I binged like it was my last day on earth yesterday, but I am back to restricting today. I ave been drinking a green tea latte with nonfat milk(Starbucks) alot this week before work. I only ate a small lunch with my class today, but I am drinking red wine at the moment just to chill from the long week.
With that being said... for my group fitness job, I have ALOT of new choreography to learn!! And this time in order to launch the new release we have to try out in front of the owners and managers of the gym Monday nite at 730, so I am nervous. I will be spending alot of my weekend learning all the moves, so I will be burning alot of calories. I will let you all know if I make it. Wish me luck!! Hugs

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