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Friday I taught 2 cycle classes, one at 6am, and another at 130. I ate 2 dry waffles and drank coffee b4 the first class. I ate a South Beach Diet pizza at 1130. I have had 2 graham cracker squares. I burned 987 calories, I didnt ride hard the second time around!! I am having alot of joint pain in my right ankle and knees. I tend to get stress injuries, and I get put back in the BOOT!! I hate that boot!!!!! I cant be back in that boot , NOT NOW!!! Oh, and I was told that I look better!!! WTF, I know exactly what that means: I LOOK FAT NOW. The members were asking me how I was losing the weight, they were telling me that I looked great. NOW, I am hearing that "You look better"!!!!!!!Two months ago my doctor was worried about my weight loss, and put me on lexapro. She set me up with a counselor; I went one time and didnt go back. Now I am FAT FAT FAT. I am soooo sorry to go on like this, I just feel so awful. I am about to ice my ankle and put the boot on for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I am not eating a damn thing at all!! I teach pilates in the morning, and then I have to practice choreography all day....THAT will help ALOT. I just hope my ankle adjusts to my plans!! You all have a THIN weekend. Please stay strong and have a good weekend. Hugs

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